jordan loeppky-kolesnik



Untitled (2017), installation, textiles, untreated steel, vinyl, fabric dye, water, hose, oil heating system, wood, drywall, paint, television monitors, 4 channel video installation, 9:45 minutes, variable dimensions

Untitled (all the things you ever wanted to do to me), 2016, installation, wood, drywall, paint, carpet, molding, used furniture, foam, textiles, tools, metal shelving units, televisions, 6 channel video installation, 11:45 minutes, variable dimensions


The Nightshade Club, 2016, installation, drywall, wood, paint, vines, mouldings, tables, chairs, dishware, kitchen appliances, light fixtures, dried flowers, mirrors, candles, dirt, oil, waffles





R.I.P. Café & Lounge 33, 2015, installation, slide projection, variable dimensions Wood, drywall, cardboard, bubble wrap, plastic sheeting, door, rubber mat, carpet, hardware, electrical equipment, light bulbs, series of 30 photographs, slide projector

Special Features, 2015, installation, video, LCD monitors, electrical wires, filing cabinet, shelving unit, straps, transportation blankets, light fixtures, colour gel, miscellaneous office supplies, coffee, waterfall begonia, moss, air humidifier, essential oil of jasmine, 4:48 minutes, variable dimensions

Point Dume, 2015, installation, video, LCD monitors, wood, drywall, carpet, sand, textile, single mattress, blinds,
light fixtures, color gel, backlight print, vinyl, HD Video, colour, sound, 7:24 minutes, variable dimensions

Breezy Plaza, 2014, installation, video, carpet, wood, drywall, metal, lightbox, cardboard boxes, Ikea shelving unit,
spray paint, paper, rubber mat, tripods, halogen lights, recessed lights, coloured light bulbs, rubber carpet edging,
colour film, digital inkjet print, digital print on backlight paper, rubber cord cover, extension cords, tie-wraps,
metal tubing, 4 HD Videos, found footage, colour, sound, 3:14 minutes, variable dimensions

Oysters, 2014, installation, carpet, wood, drywall, metal, paint, coloured LED light, shipping palette, digital print
on backlight paper, plexiglass, light fixtures, tarpaulin, plastic, hand soap, printed screenplays, variable dimensions